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GoCatch takes Uber to court over licensing claims

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Companies don't employ big law firms to take on multinationals without big expectations of sucess.

In the first year before ridesharing became legal Uber did to its business by allowing drivers to transport passengers without obtaining the correct licenses, and distributing tools to stop police from catching drivers making unauthorised trips .
Those allegations, contained in a writ filed late last week in the Victorian Supreme Court, form the basis for a claim of millions of dollars in compensation being demanded by GoCatch. The company says Uber paid for fines and allowed drivers to operate knowing they weren't properly accredited in an "attempt to build scale ... before UberX faced competition from similar ride-sharing services".

Uber initially only allowed riders to request licensed taxis and hire-cares, but launched its UberX ride-sharing service in February 2014. That service was not legalised in any state until late 2015, and Uber would on occasion pay fines that were given to drivers caught operating ride-shares. GoCatch launched its rival GoCar service in February 2016, shortly after states began to explicitly allow ride-sharing operators.
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If they win taxi will too
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