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Ghost passenger

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Last night, I got a ping to a nice street lined up with historic houses. I stop and wait, two & half minutes later I call, and they hang up. Ok, this is gonna be a no show, so I wait aanother two and a half minutes, and then collect $5.
I drive a block or so away and wait for another ping. Two minutes later I get a ping to the same location, same name (T-sigh). I drive up, and wait and nobody’s coming. I lock my doors. I look at the house and it’s dark inside, but I notice a curtain moving in one of the windows. I call them again, and they hang up again. Ok.... hmm.
So I wait another two and a half minutes and after that press no show, again, and collect another $5. I drive away, now hoping this is not going to repeat.
To my relief I get someone else. I’m totally creeped out.
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Which one of these scenarios is more likely?

1) a creep trying to [email protected]#$ with a driver
2) Lyft trying to give me extra bucks
3) a kidnapped person trying to escape (captor hangs up and then takes away their phone)
4) a couple having sex - honey, i have to go back home to my wife, please don’t, ok, hangs up, but no time to cancel cause they still in the middle of it.. they done, he orders again and she says please stay five minutes longer, so he hangs up but still no time to cancel cas they go at it again..
5) a kid playing with mom’s phone
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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