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Ghost passenger

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Last night, I got a ping to a nice street lined up with historic houses. I stop and wait, two & half minutes later I call, and they hang up. Ok, this is gonna be a no show, so I wait aanother two and a half minutes, and then collect $5.
I drive a block or so away and wait for another ping. Two minutes later I get a ping to the same location, same name (T-sigh). I drive up, and wait and nobody’s coming. I lock my doors. I look at the house and it’s dark inside, but I notice a curtain moving in one of the windows. I call them again, and they hang up again. Ok.... hmm.
So I wait another two and a half minutes and after that press no show, again, and collect another $5. I drive away, now hoping this is not going to repeat.
To my relief I get someone else. I’m totally creeped out.
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Did you hear any voices while waiting?
Probably none of those. The person just wasn't ready yet. Who knows why they ordered the ride when they weren't ready.

I once had a passenger who ordered the ride and I collected the fee. They ordered one again and the only reason why I accepted it was because I was on a consecutive trip bonus. Another 5 minutes pass and they aren't out. They request a ride a 3rd time and I say forget the bonus, I'm not accepting it again. I probably should have accepted it because $1 a minute isn't bad.
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