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Getaround charging 2x normal rates now

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Not even like they're short on cars and seeing huge demand.


$9 for one hour. $30 & change for 4.
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Last time I used Getaround earlier this year it was I think $240 out the door for a week and I think something like $220-$230/wk if you pay 4 wks up front. Hertz and other options are the same after tax, maybe like $1 difference.
If you don't understand the concept of total cost of operation, it can seem not worth it. Once you do the math you will find out it is hardly worth using your own car for UberX
No, you can keep foolishly running your own car into the ground for more money than you would using a rental. I'm not going to explain it to you. If you know you know if you don't oh well. Stay foolish
Either that, or you are just a moron who's so hard headed that he can't figure out the math and is in denial.

Keep doing it your way.

It's no wonder everybody's so dead broke and begging for government handouts
I'm not going to explain it to you. Stay foolish
"Your two stupid too sea they'res more two it then what you realize"
Most of these guys are broke and begging for government handouts

I have nothing to prove to anybody. It neither benefits or hurts me, if you do it your way. Be my guest, be as stubborn as you want.
Leave our forum your nothing more then annoying
1 - 11 of 40 Posts
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