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Getaround charging 2x normal rates now

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Not even like they're short on cars and seeing huge demand.


$9 for one hour. $30 & change for 4.
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If you don't understand the concept of total cost of operation, it can seem not worth it. Once you do the math you will find out it is hardly worth using your own car for UberX
When you rent a rideshare vehicle you're paying for both the cost of operation AND additional money so the company can profit. What, you think they're dumb and allowing you to run their cars into the ground below cost??? Are they non profits now?

You're also forced to drive even when you don't want to because of the weekly payment hanging over your head. The company then gets to write off the mileage your'e putting on their vehicle while you end up with a huge tax bill and no mileage deduction.

The rental company knows there's plenty of fake smart people out there that can't do the math. They love you.
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