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I've got to say, there is definitely another part of this story that we haven't seen, however, I've often had a pax enter an address, drive to the address, and then they ask me where it is... I really have no idea where blah blah bar is etc... It could have been the same here, obviously the pax kept him waiting before the pickup and so he was already rather mad about that. What else happened during the trip, and how long had they been sitting at the destination before the video started?

If I know an area, I'm more than happy to tell you, if not, I can tell you what google says, other than that, not a lot I can do sorry. Most people are pretty happy with that, but I can imagine some entitled pax wanting you to literally drop them to the doorstep might have an issue.

Equally, we don't know the condition of the pax, did she have some sort of problem that would make it difficult to get to the destination if it is a long walk?

Of course, we don't need all the facts (or very many at all) for the media to jump on it and make a big deal :) Whatever happened to the real reporters that you see in the old movies that actually do real investigations for stories?
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