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They cant just ship gas from one part of the country to the other to make up for shortfalls. There are so many different blends of gas (additives) that each state and even different parst of the same state require. Couple this with the fact that there are less refineries in the us than there were 30 years ago and if the refinery that makes your required blend goes down you are SOL. Refineries cant just switch to another blend because that takes time (weeks/months) if the fed government would just make it easier to open a few new refineries and stop this different blend nonsense and require1 or 2 different blends for hot/ cold climate states then this nonsense with price gouging would be so easy to get away with. If bp refinery goes doen like now in indiana then valero in new jersey could pick up the slack instead of bp raising prices to keep their profits up knowing noone else can produce their specific blend.
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