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Been a Uber driver for about three weeks now in little Norfolk, Nebraska. So far not enough in Norfolk to amount to much of anything. Wanted to get some experience, so I decided to go to Lincoln for game day this past weekend. Overall, the experience wasn't bad, not as good as maybe I was expecting, but none the less, I am glad I went.

Surging was definitely not as strong as I saw and heard about the week before or earlier in the season. Highest surge I got from driving all day was 2.1x. Tipping I thought was average.

Ride requests were pretty consistent. I worked for about 11 1/2 hrs. and I don't think ever had more than a 15 minute wait the entire time. After deducting gas expenses I made about $20/hr.

I gained some good experience and plan on being back for the remaining two home games this season.
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