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Funny or WTF moments you were able to catch while ubering...

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In SM one day...
Plant Flowerpot Houseplant Grass Shrub

And this was ysday...
Car Land vehicle Vehicle Automotive lighting Road surface
Automotive parking light Car Vehicle Automotive lighting Tire
Automotive tail & brake light Car Vehicle Automotive lighting Light

Also ysday

Asphalt Road surface Automotive lighting Automotive tire Automotive exterior

This was from awhile back when i was driving my Lexus..waiting for my private at Ritz at MDR...
They at least ordered XL but damnnnn
Car Vehicle Sky Window Automotive lighting
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Clothing Face Smile Glasses Head

When I was driving XL i had a pick up in Simi Valley for LAX. This family from India had 3 people and had a boat load of luggage.
So much that it took several adjustments and had to put one seat down and place bags in all kinds of places. . Mind you, It was a Ford Flex with plenty of space, but not for this truck load.
The whole trip the woman just complained about how uncomfortable my car was with luggage next to her. ***** ***** *****. The husband just bragged about how they just hop scotch around the world and spend money.
Got to the Bradly and helped them unload all the bags and put them on the sidewalk. The two women just stood there and watched.
Did I mention they were from India? Yeah....that's right. NO TIP
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The picture has four people.

Or is that you on the left big Lou.
Busted! Just got it from google images.
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