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Funny or WTF moments you were able to catch while ubering...

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In SM one day...
Plant Flowerpot Houseplant Grass Shrub

And this was ysday...
Car Land vehicle Vehicle Automotive lighting Road surface
Automotive parking light Car Vehicle Automotive lighting Tire
Automotive tail & brake light Car Vehicle Automotive lighting Light

Also ysday

Asphalt Road surface Automotive lighting Automotive tire Automotive exterior

This was from awhile back when i was driving my Lexus..waiting for my private at Ritz at MDR...
They at least ordered XL but damnnnn
Car Vehicle Sky Window Automotive lighting
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Just today, guy was skateboarding off a ramp in BH of little Santa Monica. He fell, of course, and was heading towards my car, i slowed down, but then I saw that he stopped on the ground , so I kept going, almost got his skateboard too. Then dumbarse does it again and almost hits the car a couple cars behind me , stop and go traffic. My pax was laughing at him both times.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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