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Don't call me an ant, you donkey
You wanna take it outside, you Duck?
I do Photography, this is a Nice picture. Did you take this pic? What Rooftop?
My balcony.
Donkey has an attitude just because he drives black and lux.
Oh, shut it. We are all ants.
And **** it, I don't drive Lux. And yes, I do better than X, but I have to pay a lot more to do it.
So no, I am in no way better than you, I just invested a lot more in this shit, than you.
And as I always said, I have to work harder and smarter to make it.
I have 2K+ overhead every month. And that's before taxes.
My MPG is around 11.
What I get from it, is driving less, getting better clientele, and getting less grief.
Seriously, 1%ers are a lot easier than the 99%ers.
Fun fact: PU club members are a lot better tippers, than their liberal counterparts.
Seriously, I drove a shit load of them back and fourth, and they always tip.
I used to be a socialist democrat, but ****, they turn out to be major ********.
I'm ****ing done with politics.
Seriously, find anyone more conservative, than members of PU club. May be some members from Bohemian.
Always tip. Never a problem.
Now let's look at some people from progressive tech,
Billionaires, shitty tippers, I drove four, four ****ing billionaires that I know of. Only one tipped. I bought his stock.
Others are progressives, but don't tip.
They diversed from investing in coal. A lot of good it's done locally, like me. No tip.
Seriously, I hate to admit it, but conservatives are a lot better tippers, than progressives.
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