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I work the bar scene every night in O.C. Mostly Huntington, Newport Beach, Costa Mesa and Laguna areas and I like it. 6 months and no puke inside the car, pax love getting a ride in my Kia Soul instead of some wind up eco box. I love music and people so that makes my night fun. Some of you just wanna hate hate hate on everything, so sad. I make more money working 9pm-3am,, less traffuc. If its a short ride, no aux cord for them. Its not dangerous at all for me even though you get to see some interesting stuff late night. Sure, you rating will drop and you have to wait longer for them to get into car, but its better than you jerks who are looking to cancel at 5 min, Jesus, our job is to provide rides to people, not to have them on a clock waiting to cancel.
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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