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Any thoughts? It's been on my mind for a while & frankly a pretty aggravating thought,
knowing that im RAPING my car to TOTAL LOSS STATUS(no accident needed),
FUBER doesn't share any of the UPFRONT PRICE given to the SCAMMED out of actual MILE & MINUTE RATE PAX,
virtually no surge(I feel strongly abt upfront pricing being the culprit of this key missing feature of this expensive VEHICLE WEAR & TEAR SUSTAINABILITY ISSUE as MILEAGE INCREASE is INEVITABLE for every dollar due to MEDIOCRE EARNINGS)

& last but not least, all to take human drivers out of the equation at our own expense(just like DIGGING ones OWN GRAVE)...

JUST 1 MORE, to top it all off with often IMPOSSIBLE to ACHIEVE QUESTS(definition of QUEST: long & arduous search for something... FUBER ahols should also pay to rewrite this as "sometimes impossible" added to the definition lol FUBER pricks would say we didnt achieve quest because of our own choices... what a pile of imbecil worthless ahols
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