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Ft Lauderdale UE drivers NO BOOST OR QUEST EVER????

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Hi this is my first post but I was wondering if anybody that delivers in the Fort Lauderdale Florida area for ubereats have you ever seen a boost or a quest in Fort Lauderdale? I've been delivering for ubereats for a month and a half and I have never ever once saw a promotion in my area!!!! I wrote to support and of course they said just keep checking the app but I do everyday and I've never seen them. Does anybody else have this problem?
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I do rides in west palm, but if i end up taking someone to FLL Airport i do deliverys only and, usually i get 1 order within an hour lol. I have no idea how ubereats is even profitable in fort Lauderdale but I know several other people who say thwre has never been any promotions.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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