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FREE escape room game for any drivers who want one!

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TLDR: Offering FREE Escape Room game for any drivers who want one!
(And if you want, can promote and earn $$$ with us)

* * *

Hi all,

It's been a minute since I've been on these forums. I used to drive Uber and Lyft when I first got on island, before I started my business – Chambers Escape Games :)

We're the #1 Rated Escape Room in Hawaii (5.0 star average from over 1,500+ reviews across Google, Yelp, TripAdvisor ) and have been fortunate enough to survive the pandemic and maintain our reputation!

Despite this, we're still largely unknown to most of Oahu. And since word-of-mouth is the most powerful thing there is, I thought recently: why don't we have rideshare drivers tell their passengers about us? I remember when I drove I had visitors looking for local recommendations all the time, and plenty of opportunity for good casual conversation!

That being said – I ONLY want promotion that is genuine, honest, and based off of legitimate opinion.

So here's my pitch:

1 FREE escape room game to any driver who wants one. Not kidding. No catch, no strings attached. Can bring friends for up to 5 players total (~$200 value). I am that confident you will love us, and either want to promote and earn – or at least come play with us again in the future. ;) (And if not... Hey, enjoy the free game!)

But if you DO think we're cool enough to talk about...

Get your own promo code and 10% of all bookings. We'll give you business cards linking our website, trailers, reviews, along with cool flyers and any other promo materials you could want (if you want; not necessary). All you have to do is casually talk to passengers, share your experience, and let them know they get a 10% discount using your code. And any bookings that come through – you get 10% of the value! No expiration, no caps. Same groups can reuse again.

At the end of the day: we're just a small business in Honolulu doing really cool stuff :) And we want to put forward a promotion that's worthwhile for everyone involved!

But first thing's first – shoot me an email at [email protected] and introduce yourself, say hi, and I will personally set up your free game!

Looking forward to hearing from you all!


Ron Bronstein
Founder, Co-Owner
Chambers Escape Games
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