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Ford SYNC Audio Issues

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Does anyone have problems with the Uber Driver app and audio with Ford SYNC?

I use an iPhone 11 with Ford SYNC and keep running into a problem where after a while, notifications and turn-by-turn instructions come across the stereo as a phone call. This stops music from playing instead of ducking the music.

Earlier this year, I had an iPhone 6 that had this same reaction and I thought it was that phone’s age, so I upgraded and still had the same problem.

I recently rented a fully loaded Ford Edge with a different version of SYNC than my Focus and still had the same problem on that vehicle as well while using the Uber Driver app.

So, that makes 2 different iPhones on 2 different versions of SYNC having the same problem. Makes no difference if I use Bluetooth or USB.
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I have the same issue, although I don’t have a Ford. The problem is I think the Uber app. I contacted support about it and they tried some stuff but the Kung-Flu shut me down so I haven’t been able to see if it was gone or not. Running an 11 pro max so I think it could be an Apple issue. Try contacting Uber support about it, if they get enough complaints maybe they will fix it
It’s the Uber app, it just has issues on Apple right now, nothing else including lyft is doing this weird stuff with the audio
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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