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Ford SYNC Audio Issues

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Does anyone have problems with the Uber Driver app and audio with Ford SYNC?

I use an iPhone 11 with Ford SYNC and keep running into a problem where after a while, notifications and turn-by-turn instructions come across the stereo as a phone call. This stops music from playing instead of ducking the music.

Earlier this year, I had an iPhone 6 that had this same reaction and I thought it was that phone’s age, so I upgraded and still had the same problem.

I recently rented a fully loaded Ford Edge with a different version of SYNC than my Focus and still had the same problem on that vehicle as well while using the Uber Driver app.

So, that makes 2 different iPhones on 2 different versions of SYNC having the same problem. Makes no difference if I use Bluetooth or USB.
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I never mentioned that I also do food delivery for DoorDash and use the Apple Maps app for navigation and this problem never happens on that platform. So, I lean toward this being an issue with the Uber Driver app itself.

I started food deliveries in late 2018 with an old car that had a 3rd party car stereo and I didn’t have this problem until I bought my current car.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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