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The labor market completely changed as a result of the pandemic. The great resignation, supply chain issues, government spending, etc. all have made inflation hit record highs. We're about 6% inflation from a year ago.

We're making more dollars but those dollars also don't go as far. Have you seen the price of a California Burrito? It's $10+ at most places now.

There has also been, separate inflation issues, upward pressures on wages/labor as a result of the pandemic. This isn't specific to Uber. The entire workforce dynamic globally has changed since your screenshot - you can't look at it in isolation and simply say 'Uber on average increased driver earnings' without taking into account that almost all forms of labor have increased, costs of living have increased, and there are other opportunities - many employers are desperate to find staff so there's increased likelihood of opportunity cost by driving for Uber.

Uber is taking advantage of the price momentum from the pandemic to increase passenger rates and somewhat simultaneously driver rates. I agree with you that the average earnings for time has increased since pre-pandemic even on an inflation-adjusted basis. However, this is unlikely to persist indefinitely. It also doesn't mean that has actually increased value to drivers by an amount proportionate to their increase in fare take.

You can kowtow to Uber all you like. Perhaps we'll all get our money from Uber's corpse when they fail their Prop 22 litigation, and fail their lawsuits from the DLSE and State AG.
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