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For those who believe "Uber wouldn't do that, they are simpletons who give money away to drivers"

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For those of you who keep thinking Uber is run by idiots who want to lose money forever... please read (yet another piece of data that wont change your minds, but whatever...i'm trying to tell you something important)

Another Female Uber engineer has blogged her awful time at Uber, with more

For drivers, if you don't want to read the whole blog post, here's the cool tidbit of the blog for drivers:


"On a bright and windy day last summer, while working on some updates to Uber's driver payment system, Mike#2 proposed an idea which to me seemed as unfair to the drivers. It would block the payments to the driver if a customer complained about the ride before a ride ends. Fortunately, this never made it into the app. When we were brainstorming this idea, I openly spoke up against it. I told them that it was unethical to block a driver's payments without researching the complaint to make sure it was the driver's fault. ....So, if a payment is blocked because of a customer complaint, the drivers may go home without the pay they need to feed their families. When I voiced my concern, Mike#2 looked at me and said "There is no place for ethics in this business sweetheart. We are not a charity."

So, there you go, your benevolent Uber overlords are busy trying to give drivers more money... suuuure!
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One must put ones fist to ones head to have clarity while one puts his other hand on ones wallet.

What was so hard about that?

There are P&L charts on the internet of what Uber paid operators in 2014,2015 & 2016 as a COGS and as a percentage. Let me know me which way that has been continuously going...
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Provided by a friend.


Look at the raw percentages going back to 2012.
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