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FOR THE BOSTON UBER MARKET: Anyone have screen shots of last weeks Uber Quests for last weekend, Uber is outright lying to me. The weekend of Friday July 30th 2022 4am to Monday August 1st 2022 at 4AM.

So last week for the weekly Quest with Uber I selected the 30 trip weekend goal for I believe $100 or $115, as I ALWAYS do. The payout changes but it normally is somewhere between $70 and $120 and I have seen a 30 trip option most weeks.

I can't drive enough to hit the very large goals, so I would rarely if ever select them.

I made 34 trips and was going for 40 trips to make an extra $15 on top of the 30 trip quest amount when I noticed that my quest goal is now like 70 trips for $200 and it is not giving me my Quest promotion after exceeding the 30 trip minimum!

I stopped driving and contact Uber. They say I need a screenshot to confirm this 30 trip Quest Promotion happened and I selected it.

I told them I just started driving again with Uber (this was week 3 of driving post pandemic for me) and I would never have a reason to take screenshots of any promotion as I have never thought I would ever have to or need to. I also told them that I had not been advised nor seen any such statements on the APP or website that drivers should be taking screenshots of all promotions, because they have no way of documenting this on there end? I let them know if they told me too take screenshots of everything I would have. But I told them going forward I would be!

So then they tell me just give them the details of the promotion, so I gave them the details of last weeks promotion for 30 trips, and then they say well without a screenshot there is nothing they can do????

Without the screenshot one rep says my promotion did not exist. They said, and I quote: "There was no promotion of do $30 trips and get $x.xx"

While at the same time another rep is saying that some trips happened outside the Boston area, but has yet to specify which trips and where?

Any help would be great!


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So uber and lyft both LOVE To do this,

pics or it didn't exist.

Without pics you have no evidence for the lawsuit so they don't have to pay you.

They are just killing promos so they don't have to pay them knowing that many drivers will lose record of them.

Once you call them out on them a few times it may stop happening.

But always get pics of your promos.

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Thanks Stevie,

First off I am a huge supporter of the magic unicorn community ;)

Secondly, I believe you are absolutely right. After going back and forth with them for days all they did was deny, deny, deny...

I asked them for proof or documentation that would prove that they did NOT offer me the promotion which they are saying I "claimed" they did offer me. I stated you MUST have a server side log of all app activity. Silence on all chats, then a phone call. They still denied everything yet again but offered me $25 instead for my "inconvenience", lol

Why pay me for my "inconvenience" if its not 100% true? Cause they know I am right but literally cannot admit it.

I take pictures of everything now.... EVERYTHING!

Thanks again man and hopefully all you new drivers on here don't run into the same mistake, pictures or the promo didn't happen seems to be there MO... And if you don't know how to take a screen shot of their ENTIRE promotion (while scrolling down the entire offer) check on YouTube on how to do it, as that is the only safe play here.

Have a great day all!


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Better to put a post like this in the Boston forum.

This past weekend in Boston I selected the 50/70 $120/$145 quest. I completed the 50 rides, then did Lyft as Lyft was paying better than the plus $25 for the next Uber 20 rides.

I dont recall if there were a 30 quest, I would guess yes, but as my 50 ride quest paid $125, I doubt a 30 ride quest would have paid anything close to $100. Unfortunately the Uber quest amounts have been declining each week, I'm doing more and more Lyft.

I've ended up with the wrong quest before... if you forget to select a quest, or dont save your selection, you end up with the 70 ride quest. That's what a knowing support rep should have told you. A screenshot wont change that answer...
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