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For Boston cabbies, a losing battle against the numbers.

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POST # 1/observer: Bostonian Bison
Thanks You for this
Hometown Hyperlinked Article from
the "NewsPaper of Record" in The Hub.

Thank You, too, for Continuing in the
"NewsMeister" Tradition that Old #1
chi1cabby began almost S I X T E E N
Months [and nearly 8000 Threads] ago.

Worse, he has made recent Comments in the"Goodbye" Thread of this past April
15th that seem to indicate ANOTHER
period of Absence.

Let us Pray.
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POST # 5/UberNorthStar: F U N N Y....
both "Links"
worked for This Bison. However, the
Continued INABILITY of my Doppel-
ganger Casuale Haberdasher to get
EVEN ONE...just one YouTube to work
has been the Cause of Less-than-Casuale-
Coniptions, here at Rancho Malario on
Travel Advisor's #1 U.S. Island Destina-
tion (2014).

I've heard Humans describe his angst/
annoyance/aggravation as "having
kittens". Humans are a Scream!
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1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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