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I wonder if this type of mistreatment has gained drivers for UberX up there. The historic mistreatment of drivers by suburban cab companies here has earned UberX more than a few cab drivers. Some of them have gone crawling back to their companies due to the deep rate cuts, here, though.
Yepp when you leave a taxi company for Uber, you are just trading one slave owner for another.

Uber is good at making drivers think they will be their own bosses.

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^^^^^You are not off the mark, here, but, there are a few things that are better for the driver.

If you can get your hands on a 2011 Camry, which should not be that much trouble, you can go to work and you do have something to show for your money, beat-up as it may be. At the cab company, you are paying just for the set of keys for twelve hours and you have to pay rent on top of that. The cab business in Boston is overregulated and the burden of that overregulation falls heavily on the drivers. In Boston, as in many jurisdictions, there are not many regulations on the TNCs. Thus, you have less worry about harassment from authorities.

Yes, the pay at UberX is crummy, but eight-dollars-fifty an hour is better than zero. Those two may be the only choices to some of these guys.

Yes, there is mistreatment from Uber, but, the mistreatment from the cab companies is far worse.

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POST # 1/observer: Bostonian Bison
Thanks You for this
Hometown Hyperlinked Article from
the "NewsPaper of Record" in The Hub.

Thank You, too, for Continuing in the
"NewsMeister" Tradition that Old #1
chi1cabby began almost S I X T E E N
Months [and nearly 8000 Threads] ago.

Worse, he has made recent Comments in the"Goodbye" Thread of this past April
15th that seem to indicate ANOTHER
period of Absence.

Let us Pray.

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POST # 5/UberNorthStar: F U N N Y....
both "Links"
worked for This Bison. However, the
Continued INABILITY of my Doppel-
ganger Casuale Haberdasher to get
EVEN ONE...just one YouTube to work
has been the Cause of Less-than-Casuale-
Coniptions, here at Rancho Malario on
Travel Advisor's #1 U.S. Island Destina-
tion (2014).

I've heard Humans describe his angst/
annoyance/aggravation as "having
kittens". Humans are a Scream!
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