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First trip as a pax

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Had to pick the car up from service yesterday, so figured I'd take the chance to see what the pax experience was like.

First request comes up with a 4.3* rating and NO PICTURE. I ran with it just to see.

First driver was an Indian fellow, maybe mid-50's, seemed nice enough but did not speak A WORD of English. Responded to my attempts at conversation with a smile and silence. Drove like a frightened teenager, constantly stomping gas and brake on his brand-new (?!) Honda Odyssey.

After I got out at the shop, another customer approached me and said, "I was driving behind you... I'm surprised you got here without hitting something."

Yeah... 3*, no tip.
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No, a tip is for above-expected service. My expectation is not just to "get there without dying," but for that to be done in a manner that does not make me or other people question my safety. I go to a restaurant not to "be fed without food poisoning," but to be fed above my expectations.

Further, if a driver is unable to communicate destination information, he is incapable of doing the job I hired him too do completely.
No, a tip is for "expected" service, not "above-expected" service. You give 15% tip if the restaurant gives you "expected" service. You give more than 15% tip for "above-expected" service.

Your driver did "communicate" with you. You said he smiled and "seemed nice enough." That's better than a lot of other drivers on and off this forum.

Maybe I'm not understanding you. You're stating something about him not communicating with you about your destination yet you haven't denied that he got you from point A to your Point B destination as listed in the app. Apparently, his reading comprehension was good enough to get you there without him needing to hear your verbal confirmation of what you already had put into the app as your destination.
"Apparently, there's no shortage of self-righteousness here."

Oh, we're insulting opposing viewpoints now? That's rather unfriendly. Let's just discuss and avoid petty cheap shots now. You posted a thread subject. Now you're surprised that some disagree with your opinions.

See, now you are communicating better. You had omitted the multi-building issue in your original post. Now you have communicated that fact better. Perhaps you could insert "Building G" into your destination in the app next time so that the GPS could help both you and your driver get there quicker.

I've had a few dozen airport trips so far as you probably have had (or more). Most of the airport destinations merely say"Philadelphia Airport" without specifying which terminal. Last week, I had my first ever pax specify in the destination the terminal. I wanted to hug him. Automatic five stars for him. I get tired of asking them, "Which terminal or airline?" Half then say, "American Airlines." Then I explain how PHL has like four terminals for American. Then they fish for their ticket or boarding pass for the info as I'm on the 95 exit.

I've been to many apartment buildings where I've been confused with and without pax in car helping me and I was born in the USA. The typed destination on the GPS lists the Main Street address but then the route line wants you to drive up the back driveway or something to the exact building. Yeah, you work there and know it well but we might not know where the heck we are.

The restaurant server with the head cold? How would you know of the head cold? If you see him sneezing into your food or wiping his nose as he's serving you? Okay, fine, don't tip, complain, whatever. If you're trying to say he didn't return to follow up with you after "dropping"(?) the plate at your table because it later turned out he wasn't feeling well, I think custom would be to leave some tip between 15% or 10% rather than zero. If he makes you wait a very long time for your check when you've finished, sure, that can peeve many rightfully to no tip if no apparent reason (staff shortage, etc.).

I personally don't take much issue with your decision not to tip the driver if that's how you felt. I disagree more on what I think is not a good analogy to the restaurant industry. Maybe I'm sensitive to that since I do restaurant delivery as another side job and run into these driving and tipping issues there as well. I think the three stars seemed more harsh to me than the non-tip as I'd consider 4 stars a more fair rating from what I've read of your story.
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