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First trip as a pax

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Had to pick the car up from service yesterday, so figured I'd take the chance to see what the pax experience was like.

First request comes up with a 4.3* rating and NO PICTURE. I ran with it just to see.

First driver was an Indian fellow, maybe mid-50's, seemed nice enough but did not speak A WORD of English. Responded to my attempts at conversation with a smile and silence. Drove like a frightened teenager, constantly stomping gas and brake on his brand-new (?!) Honda Odyssey.

After I got out at the shop, another customer approached me and said, "I was driving behind you... I'm surprised you got here without hitting something."

Yeah... 3*, no tip.
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I've given given rides to at least 5 drivers. I suspect another one guy was but didn't volunteer that he was driver. The guy that didn't tell me he was is the only one that tipped. Either they are just cheap mfers or they buy into the no tipping, i dont know.
How a driver can turn down money, or not tip is beyond me.
Last week I drove a former part time driver who volunteered to tell me he no longer drives for uber and how it's just not worth it. As we continued to chat I realized he was just trying to convince himself he made the correct decision leaving uber. I was amused by his ramblings and gave him 5 stars. No tip of course but ex drivers using uberx are great entertainment.
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