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First trip as a pax

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Had to pick the car up from service yesterday, so figured I'd take the chance to see what the pax experience was like.

First request comes up with a 4.3* rating and NO PICTURE. I ran with it just to see.

First driver was an Indian fellow, maybe mid-50's, seemed nice enough but did not speak A WORD of English. Responded to my attempts at conversation with a smile and silence. Drove like a frightened teenager, constantly stomping gas and brake on his brand-new (?!) Honda Odyssey.

After I got out at the shop, another customer approached me and said, "I was driving behind you... I'm surprised you got here without hitting something."

Yeah... 3*, no tip.
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3* and no tip !! That's not cool!
uber driver are suppose to bring you from point A to point B thats it and no more. Uber driver are not your new best pal or your psychiatrist.
Don't know how you figured I wanted either. I downrated him because he was a barely-competent driver who could not communicate even whether he had the right destination. I didn't ask for dinner and drinks- I asked if he knew where the destination was.
You should atleast give the driver $3 tip because you know uber driver dont make much.
No, a tip is for above-expected service. My expectation is not just to "get there without dying," but for that to be done in a manner that does not make me or other people question my safety. I go to a restaurant not to "be fed without food poisoning," but to be fed above my expectations.

Further, if a driver is unable to communicate destination information, he is incapable of doing the job I hired him too do completely.
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Apparently, his reading comprehension was good enough to get you there without him needing to hear your verbal confirmation of what you already had put into the app as your destination.
Apparently, there's no shortage of self-righteousness here.... my destination was a large industrial park with 8-9 buildings that all share the same address. The driver was not able to understand when I asked for "building G- all the way at the back." Rather, he stopped every ten yards and asked "here?" over and over.

No, a tip is for "expected" service, not "above-expected" service. You give 15% tip if the restaurant gives you "expected" service. You give more than 15% tip for "above-expected" service.
No, see, a restaurant is allowed to pay sub-minimum wage on the assumption that staff receive tips. Uber has built the opposite model- a driver has the capability to earn a much greater proportion of the minimum wage than a restaurant server does. By the above logic, a server that brought my food to my table with a head cold, then disappeared until time to pay the bill would deserve a tip, because "he brought you the meal, that's it." "Expected" service is dropping the plate on the table, "above expected" deserves extra pay.

On the few occasions I've taken Uber as a pax, I actively seek a reason to tip the driver. Usually, they have given me a good reason; so much so that this particular driver stood out as a negative example.
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And now that we've devolved to name-calling, I will cease assisting you in pulling you head out of your own ass. Enjoy it down there.
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