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So now that Uber is on my mind again I figure I'd share my Uber experiences. First ride got picked up in a Siena, nice guy clean car (also didn't know how much he was making per mile). Claims he makes decent money, about 200 a day 800 a week and not a care in the world. Second guy different story. Get picked up in a Jetta that my wife/girlfriend/fiancé claimed smelled like cats. Dude used his tablet which was mounted on by his radio for "everything". Asked him to put some tunes on (gave the Uber response), and while he was trying to get his Pandora to start his phone rings, he goes and hits ignore and while all this is going on he gets lost. We get him back on track and what does he do, ends the trip stating that he messed up and didn't want us to over pay for his mistakes (coupon codes for both rides). Tipped him a 5 and told him "what ever happens don't end the trip until we're out of the car. Three things I took from the experience...
1: it's a hell of a service.
2: it is possible for passengers to goof on where they want to be picked up (problem is not many of them have the courtesy to call.
3: Doing Uber in a beach town you literally have zero cares in the world.
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