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Well what do ya know my very first post-bar ride and what do i get? Vomit all over my rear passenger door and exterior of car.. ugh

I drove a couple hours Friday until about 12:30 and decided to call it in. Well about 2:15 rolls around and out of curiosity (while laying in bed) I flip the app open and see the expected surge. Curiosity and being broke got the best of me so I went online and picked up a ride at 2.8x surge in the west side of Lakewood bar scene. Pick the two guys up and they are going to North Olmsted.. Not a terrible trip given the surge.

Less than 5 minutes in I hear my back window roll down (at least he was coherent enough to try and get it out the window) and hear him spitting out the window... Then the smell :confused:. At that point I continued the ride because what else could I do, the damage was done.

Long story short I dropped them off, went and got into a 24 hr car wash at the gas station and wiped up the door myself which probably took about 10-15 minutes. Went home and filed the report and was granted my $150 fee before I even fell asleep. The ride ended up making me $182 with the fee and surge price combined. I guess the money was good but cleaning up vomit, that takes a strong stomach... ugh.
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