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Fairly new and this website has been great on getting me up to speed. I am only doing this minimally, it keeps me busy and some extra beer or fun$.
So 60 trips in , got my first below 5 star rating yesterday but oh well 4.95 rating to date.

Todays I 2 starred a passenger, she had 3 suitcases I help ger since she's female and maybe she will know the game. Heavy bags, drive minimum distance. Finish pull out bags, no tip. 2 stars for you!

I think I agree on the trip minimum and no tips not deserving 5 stars. I have been very generous but I think that may be the way to go. 4stars for minimum trips unless I like you. Gave a guy 3 stars yesterday no hi, bye or thanks for maneuvering around some jams to get him where he wanted to go. Felt like I was the "help".

I've received 3 tips to date = $11.

My rating has stayed strong, no handouts no chargers..just a nice ride and nice convo is all I try and provide.
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