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Finally I can also "earn on my way home" thanks but no thanks

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I have received this email today. Wonder if it is just me or others have...

I have seen threads here where it is implied that most of you have had this feature for a long time:
You asked for it - we listened! Earn on your way home

Hi >>>

Driver-partners have often told us they'd like to complete a final trip that puts them closer to a particular destination. So we have an exciting update for you!

Now, twice per day, you can let us know where you’re driving and will only receive requests for trips along a similar route. Go online and tap the clipboard icon in the top corner of your screen to set your destination.

It’s easier than ever to earn a few more fares on your way home.
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Last Wednesday I set the destination as the airport when I was in Richmond. I had to go to the airport to pick up a friend. So I thought I might as well be paid to go there. Could Uber be that kind?

Well I picked up a job in East Melbourne with a drop off in North Fitzroy and then nothing after that. It's the luck of the draw.

In general though it works well.
On Saturday night I started at Doncaster at 5:30pm. I picked up a 1.4 surge fare from Doncaster to Mount Waverley. Then I picked up a non-surge fare from Ashwood to Boronia. Then I picked up a non-surge fare from Boronia to South Melbourne. Those three fares totaled $99.74 for 1 hour 42 mins work. My night just kept rolling from there. Later that night I had four 2.x surge fares in a row. I had my second ever $500+ day for just under 11 hours work. By the way no destination filter required. If you want to leave the non-surge fares in the suburbs then I will take them.
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do this on tuesday night also u did most of them with surge
Why would I work Tuesday night? Actually in the right circumstances Tuesday night can be very profitable too.

You obviously didn't read my post. I had three jobs to start Saturday night for $99.74 in an hour and 42 minutes. Two of them were suburban non-surge jobs.

If you don't like it then give it away and I will take your work.
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Week days will never be as busy as the weekends. That is a fact.

I do get your point drivers will always follow the money. Everyone knows that. So what?

What I am saying is that there will always be someone in the suburbs to do the suburban jobs. We all live in different areas. We all clock on at different times. Some of us take people from the inner suburban areas to the outer suburban areas and then stay online for the next fare hoping that it will take them back in (like it did me). Who cares if someone else clocks off and heads back to the inner city to cherry pick?

The system works. Have a look at the passenger app and there will always be drivers in the suburbs.
I'm somehow set to think that the filter only gives you 1 job each time regardless of how far you are from the destination still... Even with the short Eats trips that I get when my filter is up (and which I love much more than long trips), I never get more than 1 ping.
I had three trips once.
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