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depreciation for the KM's you drive, insurance, registration
EG you drive 20,000km in a year and 10,000km is driving Uber. In this case you can "write off" 50% of your overall car expenses including the lease cost. If you own the car outright, then you right off the depreciation @50%. of the allowable amount (15%??)

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So, i assume Uber drivers are self employed.

So end of the year when you do tax filing, what expense you can show beside gas and car maintenance.
You don't file taxes in the end of the year, you do it next year, when the new forms are available.

There are following expenses for Uber drivers:

1) Gas
2) Maintenance and repairs
3) Vehicle depreciation
4) Vehicle insurance
5) Lease or car loan interest
6) Business related vehicle related purchases (such as all weather mats; chemicals like car shampoo, detailers, cleaners, etc, etc, etc).
7) Business related communication expenses (internet, phone, etc).
8) Other business related expenses (such as food and drink, parking, etc).
9) Any other business related expenses.

Here's a thread for you to consider:
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