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  1. UBERISH- Yeah, I thought that was going a little too smoothly dude says alright you are active ! Me: really? Sweet lets get this party started!! Brakes on already, I downloaded partner app filled in my crap, (calidude) was thoughtful enough to take photos of my inspection pass /TNC sticker and upload them for me.. ? Though it was a nice guesture and all, not so much.. I m active ? Shouldn't this app be blowing up my phone? I was at home just trying to get to know UBER.. I started the long road of logins... PARTNER-Cool.. I have 4 alerts DOCUMENT UPDATES- I can see the photos, and I need to fill in all the expiration dates.. & TNC# Would that be the first 0000 ? Under said TNC ? Or maybe it's the U00123 under that ? I'm pretty sure (after trying both) that it was probably the first way I had in and I am gonna be PENDING for Uberever...
  2. UBERISH- Read I needed to be plugged into my whip ? TRUE OR FALSE? Also, via USB ? Or AUX? Because I have had her locked and loaded with USB ... still NO NOISE like I just want to hear your sweet ding ? Ping ? I may never know... I have 5s / I "trusted" the driver app after calidude told me to.. Like wow, I just met these people and I'm forking over all my -ish... It's okay, right? I guess we all know I'll be the first one at the bottom of the lake ! I read that hard reset maybe the solution for DINGY & now I'm not seeing the UBERISH IN MY -ish... ? Great.. Maybe it's hiding?
  3. I'm so ONLINE!? I know bro chillax I am your master.. Now DING ME ! NOo... K ? On the road again.. Is it normal to just see your location? Or once I'm out of limbo, will the driver app have other little uber people & passengers ?
  4. I NOW see ACTIVE in all but TNC#... So here I am, cramping thumbs.. With you fine people...
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