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I like how they don't reduce the fees they receive for the 2nd or 3rd delivery, but they cut our base pay to pennies for those.
They've been pulling that scam since 2016.

In the early days of Eats, drivers were paid well (sounds familiar, doesn't it?). They were paid a Pickup Fee, a Dropoff Fee and they were paid for mileage.

In the early days drivers were paid Pickup Fees for ALL orders including multi-orders. So drivers with double or triple orders were paid two or three Pickup Fees.

Then in 2016, Uber decided they were only going to pay drivers ONE Pickup Fee per trip regardless of how many orders got delivered. Uber pocketed the additional fees for themselves.

On top of the Pickup Fee theft Uber slashed the pay rates in 2016. Most of the veteran drivers quit in 2016 after the massive paycuts and Pickup Fee theft.

By the time I started in 2017 the pay was much lower than the year before.
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