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I must have somehow peed in the Karmic Pool.
With Uber, with an old 4 star ready expire with all 5's left, I have gotten another 4, a 3 & a 1 in the past 5 days. Don't know how, I'm at 1385 5 stars, so it's not like I'm a noob.
With Lyft, a passenger reported that I used threatening or abusive language. Huh!? I currently have a 5 star rating in 306 trips since January, so they complained but gave me either 5 or no stars? 3 emails with Bollywood revealed nothing other than their ability to mass produce Boiler Plate.
I've never had an unlucky streak like this in the 21 months I have been doing this and I don't take Ambien so I'm not sleep ride sharing. Is this a metaphorical bad black jack table I should walk away from temporarily, or should I just leave my XL Only filter on and just do scheduled rides to EWR? I'm not financially pinched right now, but I like the money and for the most part enjoy doing it, but not under these circumstances. So I'm looking for good advice (especially from personal experience) or make me laugh.
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