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Any fare guarantee is a surge killer.
Sadly all ants fall for it.
Most fail as the conditions are so strict you end up just missing out.
Good luck. Can you send a copy of the email?
Here is the detail. BTW - this is for Sydney. Not sure if other cities/states will be getting it?

Earn $700 in guaranteed fares over the weekend!

Uber is assuring $35 per hour in fares this weekend, but in order to qualify, you must opt in! Simply click the button below.

Yes, opt me in

How does it work? It's easy.

Drive between 6:00 PM and 3:00 AM on Friday and between 4:00 PM and 3:00 AM on Saturday this weekend and you'll earn at least $35 per hour in fares.

That's $700 in fares!

Conditions to qualify:

· Opt in by registering through the button above

· Complete at least 1 trip per hour

· Accept at least 80% of trip requests

· Weekend: At least 50% of completed trips begin in the incentive service area (see map)

· Only eligible for incentives beginning after you opt-in

Opt in to earn the following in fares!


1-2 July

· Fri 6pm-3am

· Sat 4pm-3am

The map in question can be found at: https://image.et.uber.com/lib/fe96127371650c7e75/m/4/Screen+Shot+2016-06-16+at+5.58.55+PM.png

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They are really putting the 'pressure' onto drivers now to be out there in the prime hours and in the prime areas. They have announced another morning incentive for operating in the Eastern Suburbs (starting next Monday). Now fare guarantees this weekend.

My only thought is that pax are really complaining big time about surge. Or Uber are working off the correlation between lower ratings and surge.

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Can't seem to figure out why Uber would do a fare guarantee this weekend. Is there a special event on or something?
The Swans game is on. First bounce is 4:30pm on Saturday. I guess we will have a crowd moving away from Moore Park at around 7:00pm in that case.

With or without fare guarantees I don't see how surge is going to be prevented, if this is indeed the intention.
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