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Falsely accused missed a block

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Their system is terrible. Is it a new system bug? Anyone here received similar messages ?
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Yes, I got it couple of weeks ago. I had two logistics blocks next to each other and when I completed the first one it did not get closed but got bound together with the second one. I checked with the wh person if that's okay since I did not have to scan arrival code. He said I was good to go.
When I completed the second block it did not show up in my earnings. I have sent an email to support which they did not respond to. Next day I got the message that I missed the block. I replied that I have completed the block and informed that I had sent an email already regarding to that.
They adjusted my earnings but in the weekly summary it said:
  • We excluded 1 block(s) from our metrics due to extenuating circumstances.
It still sounded like I made a mistake. This gig is getting worse each day.
Most warehouse employees don't know what they are talking about. You need to make sure the block closes out or you will have issues and will be a pita. Clear data, reboot phone etc.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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