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Falsely accused missed a block

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Their system is terrible. Is it a new system bug? Anyone here received similar messages ?
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What kind of block? Instant offer?

We noticed that you missed a block on 6-02-2018 at 09:00 PM.

Failing to arrive for your block makes it difficult for us to meet our customer promise. If you can't make or will be late for a delivery block, you can forfeit it in the app up to 45 minutes before the block start time. If you accept a block less than 45 minutes before it starts, you have 5 minutes to forfeit it.

We know that sometimes unexpected circumstances cause delivery partners to miss a block. This type of event will only affect your participation with Amazon Flex if it happens at an unusually high rate.

If something unexpected happened that caused you to miss this block, please reply to this email with further information. You can find more information in the "Offer and Availability" video in the Amazon Flex app on how to forfeit a block.


The Amazon Flex Team

And my payment history shows clearly I didn't miss the block.

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1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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