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Fairfax man abducts Uber driver

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WASHINGTON - A Centreville, Virginia, man is facing abduction charges after police say he refused to get out of an Uber driver's car Tuesday and forced her to drive to other locations...
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Can't wait to hear more details. Did he request the Uber? How did the driver know
that the rider was carrying a lot of cash? Where did the friend come in?
How much drugs, really? (Doesn't take much to be charged with distribution.)
How did the driver know there was drugs?
How did the rider "force" the driver to do anything?
Why didn't the driver turn off the car and get out?
How did this whole thing go down?
Where was this, exactly.
So many questions!

Hopefully we'll hear more details by this time next week.
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"More drug runs means more earnings for our pax!"

Seriously though, can't wait for the story to come out.
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