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Reposting this on the LA specific thread.

I drove Uber for a few years and stopped for 6 months. I am trying it out again and have been really disappointed at the rate of requests and long wait times between rides. For example, I was in downtown LA on Friday night and had to wait over an hour for a request. I made only $60 in 8.5 hours that day.

This is sickening and nothing like Last year, Fri/Sat nights would be nonstop.

I emailed Uber and got the 'switch off switch on' response.

I met another driver on the road who had exactly the same problem.

I am assuming many drivers are having this issue?

Any advice on how to beat this and get the rides?

Any ideas why this is happening?
Too many drivers?
Are Uber screwing with us an passing requests selectively to new/guaranteed drivers?

Any comments appreciated, thanks

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I actually think uber has adjusted again...I'm not getting mostly X rides and stacked pings like I was the past few weeks..on the metal incentives

But I guess only the hourly would bea able to speak to the amount of pings they are getting..

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Dear xxxxxxxx,

In light of the recent issues Partners have reported in regards to lack of pings, Uber is proud to invite you into our new pilot program "Share the pax". Think of it like UberPOOL in reverse. Two Partners, one passenger. Here's a video demonstrating the service. Have fun "Sharing the Pax" and "Drive Safe".

Sandeep Murday

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