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Express drive , no vehicles ugh

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As me Being from the Baltimore/Washington/Virginia region Unless you plan to do Lyft FULL time, stay far away from the express rental program!! I had to work minimum off 39hrs qouted to make the 65 rental free qouta. Did this for about 3 weeks and every week only made about 450$ after thier all thier fees. There was even a week when i was cutting it close to the 4:59am Monday cut off period.. It was on a Sunday afternoon I had 62 rides then all of a sudden I got timed out, but mind you I had taken an over 8hr break from the last time I was lyfting I sent them numerous emails back and forth. And they kept giving me the same bs response "you have reached the limit and are required to take a 6hr break) and I kept responding to them with the screenshots to prove that I only had been on the app for 6hrs..


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