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Express drive , no vehicles ugh

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It's not that great of a deal . You loose out on the ability to get any Incentives including the power driver bonus . Which if you did 100 rides would probably be $200+ a week or $800 a month basically . Nothing is FREE lol
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Oh what...you don't get inventive...pshhh..what ever then
Yeah Basically the rental is your incentive . Plus they make you pay a small mileage fee for miles driven while not logged into Lyft .

The positive compared to say the Hertz rental is that when you're not logged into Lyft there is an insurance that covers you from GM . So basically you're always insured . Which with the Hertz rental you're screwed if you get in an accident while not driving for Lyft
Where does it say that ? Are you sure
I read about it on the rideshareguy blog about a month ago for the Chicago market and that was the deal .

Power Driver Bonus/Hourly Guarantees: Those who use the rental will not qualify for the Power Driver Bonus to earn their commissions back from Lyft. They also will not qualify for average hourly guarantees. Guaranteed Primetime and tips should still payout like any other ride though.

http://therideshareguy . com /is-lyfts-express-drive-rental-car-program-a-good-deal/
1 - 3 of 19 Posts
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