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Express drive , no vehicles ugh

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Free at 100 rides
Yeah which is insane ! But says no vehicles
What you mean...they all taken
All gone ! Even tried the silly gas guzzler Impala . Will try every day !
It's not that great of a deal . You loose out on the ability to get any Incentives including the power driver bonus . Which if you did 100 rides would probably be $200+ a week or $800 a month basically . Nothing is FREE lol
Where does it say that ? Are you sure
Looks like he's right.

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I was once at uber talking to one of the managers and was asking me why I drive for lyft lol I answered with the usual "sometimes I m sick of uber riders bs and sometimes I my left out guarantees" kind stuff then the question of who I'm loyal to came I said "unfortunately uber"

Lyft is way worse than uber , wtf is this ?! Anybody who takes this car looses an average of 500$ a week
1 - 5 of 19 Posts
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