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Exploitation Poverty,
blame the employers.

It was Karl Marx (1818-1883) who first noted that if a rich minority owned the farmland, factories and other means of production that the majority needed to use in their working for a living, then the rich would tend to increase their own wealth by paying poverty wages to the majority working for them. This worker exploitation poverty has certainly affected some societies.

While certainly Marx severely attacked such exploitation poverty, he actually did see some significant good in human poverty as driving social revolution. Hence he says in his Poverty of Philosophy, 1847 Chapter 2 ;

"they see in poverty nothing but poverty, without seeing in it the revolutionary, subversive side, which will overthrow the old society."

So poverty causes discontent and discord that leads to revolutions against such poverty.

Revolutions may have largely involved those living below the poverty line and human progress may indeed have involved some key revolutions broadly in this Marxist manner, but undoubtedly most human progress has actually been gradual and by those with some leisure and often even with some wealth. The progressiveness of social revolutions generally involves only their temporarily de-ossifying a society that has become frozen by social rules preventing further progress.

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So wrong. This doesn’t apply in this country. We have free will here and 3% unemployment. Poor people in the US drive cars, have a/c, are obese, etc. by any world standard poor people here are “well off.” They just covet what their neighbor has because He works his ass off and has skills and discipline. No sympathy here for Marxist pipe dreams.

We live in an age of victim hood-chic where no one wants to take personal responsibility. They’d rather blame it on the white male who is the devil and the source of all injustice. The victim mentality destroys the to be victim. You get back what you put out. Look within for strength rather than without for blame. The solution comes from within.
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