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I drive in the East Bay. I sometimes get $3 something from short distance UberX. And the lowest I received for Uberpool (single rider) was $4 something and it was less than 2 miles drive.
The lowest you should get from UberX is $3.75 ($5 - $1.25 for a 25% commission). It's the same EB or SF.

Lowest you should get for UberPool, total all pickups combined, is $4.07 ($5.45 - $1.36 for a 25% commission). The minimum fare for UberPool is higher than UberX.

However, for reasons I can not ever explain and don't want to question too closely, I'm only charged a 20% commission on UberPool (even though I'm charged 25% for UberX) making my minimum $4.36
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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