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Enterprise recall no cars until next week! need a car!

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No cars until after july 4th weekend SMH Have been waiting for my confirmed reservation tomarrow this morning i get a vmail saying i have to call to be put on a waiting list. Ridiculous
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Correct, the enterprise/uber location in San Diego...
How much is the weekly rental?
210.00 for a corolla/similar
210.00 for a corolla/similar
Insurance included i ahould mention
It's not uber xchange that's a seperate program. This is reduced rental pricing with insurance included on certain cars they use at 1 location in SD on Miramar ave or st. I believe it was altima that they were going to rent me and apparently they had a large recall and have to wait for cars they are broning from another location.

That's a whoooole lot of POOL rides. Good luck, my friend.;)
Worked 90+hours a week for the past year, driving a car won't be a problem. Pool or no pool thanks for the well wishes
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When they say $ 210.00 / week they make it sound attractive but when you convert that to a monthly, then you're in for a shocker.
I get the numbers on a monthly, quarterly, yearly... Either way you do what you have to until you don't anymore. My work ethic is outrageous. I am from Manhattan so i'm quite used to overkill on competition(which of course lowers demand/cost). I don't blame you lol I myself wouldn't want to be in anyone else's shoes either.
I did some checking on this looks like after taxes and extra charges comes out to about $270 per week. Of course Enterprise is canceling drivers reservations on all the busiest days of the year they would rather do regular rentals demand is there and they can jack the prices and not have the wheels driven off their cars. $270 dollars a week that's a 100 rides just to pay for the car before gas. No wonder there is no more surges, rent just a half dozen cars a week and kiss surges good bye, because some idiot out there will drive a 168 hrs a w
I'll rent you a car for $200 week. You'll need to get your own insurance though.
TE="blackice, post: 1216829, member: 42612"]I'll rent you a car for $200 week. You'll need to get your own insurance though.[/QUOTE]

PM me
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