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Enterprise recall no cars until next week! need a car!

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No cars until after july 4th weekend SMH Have been waiting for my confirmed reservation tomarrow this morning i get a vmail saying i have to call to be put on a waiting list. Ridiculous
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I'm assuming your renting a car to drive Uber?? Is this correct?
I did some checking on this looks like after taxes and extra charges comes out to about $270 per week. Of course Enterprise is canceling drivers reservations on all the busiest days of the year they would rather do regular rentals demand is there and they can jack the prices and not have the wheels driven off their cars. $270 dollars a week that's a 100 rides just to pay for the car before gas. No wonder there is no more surges, rent just a half dozen cars a week and kiss surges good bye, because some idiot out there will drive a 168 hrs a week to net maybe $300??
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