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Join UPHD!
I already joined all I got is just some emails telling me that some woman is fighting for our rights to put us back on the minimum wage
Ever thought of listening to PH drivers or setup a page to get suggestions or surveys to see what ph drivers actually want

The £/Hr rate is not what we want from a union

If I want to list what I want you to do for me

  • Ask tfl to stop licencing new drivers
  • Ask tfl to stop licencing eu citizens
  • Direct more work to us by banning uber or at least show the risks of app based systems
  • Return the area of operation scheme as it was before not 1 operator take bookings from the whole London and suburbs
  • In tfl ads they don't mention minicabs they're always talking about trains , underground , buses and taxis
  • Integrate our offices in their website
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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