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(Edited) Uber Houston did not jack up commission to 28% for ALL Drivers?

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Can you please check if Uber Houston did indeed start taking 28% Commission from Drivers onboarded before 9/11/2015?

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When I logged in earlier around 8:50, I noticed it was surging 2-3x all over the place. Is this typical for you morning folks?
Remember what Uber tells the PAX surge pricing gets more drivers on the road. You see a surge (red) and log on. You are excited and hopeful you can make good $$$. Once you get to surge areas poof they disappear. Read first sentence and understand that Uber accomplished what they intended to do. They got more drivers on the road. They show u $$$ and yank it away. That's the Uber way! Don't be fooled drive when u want and don't fall for these tricks.
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1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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