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(Edited) Uber Houston did not jack up commission to 28% for ALL Drivers?

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Can you please check if Uber Houston did indeed start taking 28% Commission from Drivers onboarded before 9/11/2015?

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I wonder if it is because he was deactivated for a short period of time (his Honda Accord problem) and now that he was is trying to get reactivated after 9.11 is causing some problems. If I was him, I would go to the office and complain as obviously this CSR is not from Houston and we all know CSR's copy and paste and are somewhat goofy.

I just logged into the app for the first time this week to check on this, and there was not a updated service fee schedule to agree to.

If you notice the times on the e-mail, it only took 14 min for a response...fishy or naa?
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When I logged in earlier around 8:50, I noticed it was surging 2-3x all over the place. Is this typical for you morning folks?
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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