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I completed my 7 rides from EDC between 3am and 8am on the days. Monday I went into the office on Flamingo and Ft Apache to confirm all 7 rides met the criteria. We reviewed every ride and I was told I was all good. Got paid Wednesday. My fares one deposit and another with the bonus/guarantee fares for Friday through Sunday. IE $85 guarantee fare differences and hourly guarantees. I completed my 3 of my 7 Monday morning so I assumed they remaining payments would come this week (Wednesday). I received my base fare deposit and email but I haven't received any bonus/guarantee fare money or email. Now it's Thursday morning and I am getting really concerned. Anyone else having any issue like this? I'm looking for $500 plus about $200 in $85 guarantee differences. I'm freaking out, PLEASE HELP.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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