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I completed my 7 rides from EDC between 3am and 8am on the days. Monday I went into the office on Flamingo and Ft Apache to confirm all 7 rides met the criteria. We reviewed every ride and I was told I was all good. Got paid Wednesday. My fares one deposit and another with the bonus/guarantee fares for Friday through Sunday. IE $85 guarantee fare differences and hourly guarantees. I completed my 3 of my 7 Monday morning so I assumed they remaining payments would come this week (Wednesday). I received my base fare deposit and email but I haven't received any bonus/guarantee fare money or email. Now it's Thursday morning and I am getting really concerned. Anyone else having any issue like this? I'm looking for $500 plus about $200 in $85 guarantee differences. I'm freaking out, PLEASE HELP.
I understand your concerned ..... the question is do you need your money today? If not then chill out everything takes time for drivers....drivers come last. . From my experience if you are a rider uber will take care of you in seconds......to take care of their riders uber would even deactivated drivers app without contecting drivers to hear their side of stories or anything.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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